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App Name Alight Motion — Video and Animation Editor Apk
Latest Version 4.2.3
Release Date 5 August 2018
Updated On 14 September 2022
Mod Info Premium Subscribed
Category Video Editor
Publisher Alight Creative, Inc.
Size 82 MB
Required Android 6.0 and Up

Info of Alight Motion — Video and Animation Editor App for Android

If you are finding professional-quality animation, motion graphics, visual effects, video editing, and video compositing app for Android, then you should try Alight Motion. It is the first promotion graphics app for Android smartphones. You can do a lot of things using this powerful editing app 2021.

If you do not want a premium editor to do your task, you can use this app. But there is some limitation in the free version. Let’s see:

  • There are advertisements in the app,
  • You will find a watermark of Alight Motion,
  • Special features & elements only for premium users.

For those major package, you can’t make a professional TikTok/YouTube video editing. That’s why I recommend you to use Alight Motion Mod Apk from our website. Where you will unlock the following things without paying any money. Let’s see some premium options:

  1. Gradient Map: Maps colors in the layer onto a gradient based on their lightness.
  2. Electric Edges: Creates glowing energy-like outline and optional Contour lines around the opaque parts of the layer, which can be animated to look like arcs of electricity.
  3. Smooth Bevel: Draws a smooth curved bevel inside the edges of the opaque parts of the layer.
  4. Zoom Blur: Applies a radial blur to the layer, as though zooming in or out.
  5. Polar Coordinates: Warps the layer by mapping from cartesian coordinates to polar coordinates.
  6. Facial Warp: Distorts the layer using a procedurally generated fractal pattern. Useful for simulating distortions caused by real-world phenomena such as fire, water, and heat.
  7. Three-axis Cross: Renders a faux 3D three-axis cross using the layer as a surface texture.
  8. Repeat Along Path: Dynamically generates multiple copies of the layer along the outline path of the layer immediately.
  9. Block Dissolve: Randomly removes grid-aligned rectangular pieces from the layer by making them transparent. Keyframe animation can be applied to remove progressively more and more rectangles over time.
  10. Channel Remap (HSV): Remaps the hue, saturation, value, and alpha channels in the layer.

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alight motion video and animation editor pro apk

Fully Featured Video Editor for TikTok & YouTube

If you are finding the best video editor for a professional TikTok & YouTube business, you could use Alight Motion. It’s free or premium both version is suitable for beginner and expert. Let’s see what could you do with this powerful editing app.

  • There are multiple layers of graphics, video, and audio to add to your video.
  • It supports Vector and Bitmap which makes it more popular.
  • You can add visual effects to your video to make it more eye-catching.
  • Correct your video color and make it perfect.
  • It’s another feature is Keyframe. Keyframe animation is available for all settings.
  • There are free and premium presets. Build your own timing curves with animating easing for more fluid motion.
  • It has velocity based motion blur (Some option is only for premium members).
  • Use Solid color and gradient fill effects to make the video more attractive.
  • Give your video border or shadow effects.
  • You can group layers together with Alight Motion.
  • Export your dreamy project to MP4 video or GIF animation easily.
  • You can reuse your project for your future projects.
alight motion mod apk without watermark

Alight Motion Premium Interface

Hello buddy! Do you use the free version of Alight Motion? Do you feel, you need to upgrade from free to premium? If yes, then you are at the right place. You can use Alight Motion Pro Apk absolutely free from our website. Let’s see the premium features of this app:

  1. Keyframe animation: Easily create sophisticated custom animations.
  2. Color Adjustment: Fine-tune photo and video colors to express the mood of a scene or match colors across takes.
  3. Visual Effects: Desktop-quality pro visual effects with just a touch-now on mobile.
  4. Aspect Ratio: Motion graphics in any aspect ratio, from square to widescreen.
  5. Blending Modes: Get the feeling you want with a variety of layer blending modes.
  6. Vector Graphics: Illustrate whatever you can imagine then bring it to life.
  7. Export in many formats: Share with your friends or push to a pro workflow. MP4 video, GIF Animation, PNG Sequence, Project Sharing, and more.
  8. Fonts: More than 200 fonts included or import your own custom fonts.

From all of those options, premium members can use any effects & features.

Download Alight Motion Pro Apk v4.2.3 Premium Unlocked 2022

Mod Features:

  • Access Premium Members-only effects and feature,
  • Removed Watermark,
  • No Ads.