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Download AirBrush Easy Photo Editor Pro Apk Unlocked all features and effects. This is the all-in-one editing app with the coolest effects to retouch your image. Subscribe to Editor Pro Apk news to get all types of Premium, VIP, and Pro Photo & Video Editor for Android.

App Name AirBrush: Easy Photo Editor Apk
Latest Version 4.20.2
Release Date 23 October 2015
Updated On 15 September 2022
Mod Info Premium Unlocked
Category Photo Editor
Size 165 MB
Required Android 4.3 & Up

Info of AirBrush: Easy Photo Editor App for Android

With hundreds of tools & effects, PIXOCIAL TECHNOLOGY brings the best photo editing app AirBrush for Android. This app is easy to use and gives the best result of editing. You can edit your photo and back to the real you with just one tap. It is a big competitor of Adobe Lightroom. So you definitely love to work with AirBrush Mod Apk.

This app updates frequently so that you can always follow the trends. It has already all types of editing options you need. From top to bottom, now you can edit anything you want. Also, you can remove any type of blemish, pimple, object.

Do you want to edit your natural face, eye, nose, lip, eyebrow? Then this app is perfect for this work. You can change face width, forehead, cheekbone, eye size, stretch eye, eye distance & angle, Nose size, length, width, bridge, & tip. Also change a smile, lip size, position, upper and lower site of the lip. This app is too accurate to do all the tasks perfectly.

Quick Overview of Airbrush

  • Sculpt: Fine-tune imperfections,
  • Acne: Bye expensive skincare,
  • Filter: Try every option,
  • Makeup: Flawless glam in every photo,
  • Relight: Try new lighting,
  • Whiten: Perfect your smile.

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Best Photo Retouch App for Android

If you are a freelancer of editing or retouching a photo then you will understand AirBrush much clearly. This app has almost all the options & tools to retouch a photo and make it perfect for the client or you. You can use this app to work for Fiverr, Freelancer, Upwork for the retouching section. Let’s see why AirBrush Easy Photo Editor Pro Apk is a wise choice.

  1. You can smooth your sharp & noisy photo.
  2. Change face width, chin, nose & lip size as you require.
  3. Remove acne & dark circles automatically. You have to just turn on the feature.
  4. White your Teeth, Bright your Eye, Tint your Lip automatically by turning on the feature.
  5. Change skin tone dark to white, enlarge eye, & slim your chick.
  6. Use natural, Bourgeois, Crisp presets to your image.
  7. You can Rotate, Mirror, Custom crop, Stretch any area of an image.
  8. Now you can erase unwanted objects naturally from a picture, you have to subscribe to a premium membership for this.
  9. Increase or decrease the light of a photo naturally and automatically or manually by choosing default presets.
  10. Blur photo background automatically or do it manually by choosing brush size.
  11. This photo editor has a prism effect, it’s gonna make your picture beautiful and trendy.
  12. You have full control over Contrast, Sharpen, Saturation, Highlights, Shadows, Brightness, Temperature, Fade, Grain of a photo. Change them wisely & get your desired photo.
  13. The vignette option took your image editing to another level.
  14. AirBrush Premium Apk has a lot of filters like FJ-1, SPL-3, Aries, Scorpio, PL-1, JAI-1, Cosmos, etc.
  15. It’s makeup options is only for girl. If you are a girl then you should use AirBrush and try its makeup. Now you can save money on buying the actual makeup and use Artificial makeup.
  16. Change Hari dye & hairline with AirBrush.
  17. You can change the background of a photo.

This is not the end of the power of AirBrush. You should explore this best photo editor by your own.

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airbrush premium mod apk

AirBrush Premium Benefits

There is a lot of free feature in AirBrush. But some powerful features are locked and reserved for premium users. They are very useful for professional photo editing. You may purchase a monthly/yearly subscription for them or download AirBrush Pro Apk from our website. Let’s introduce the premium tools & their work.

  • Beauty Magic: Edit your photo’s Face width, Chin, Nose size, Lip size, Contouring, Red-eye fix, and make it perfect for social networks.
  • Sculpt: Change Face, Eye, Nose, Lip, Eyebrow.
  • Eraser Tool: Remove any object from a picture.
  • Relight: Pick a lighting option and fine-tune the brightness, hue, and softness.
  • Bokeh: Move the slider to adjust blur intensity and tap on the shape icons to change the shape of the light spots.
  • Filters: Popular, Horoscope, Texture, Sweet, Retro, Atmosphere, Color, Foodie, filters unlocked.
  • Makeup: All the makeup tools are now open & ready to use. You can change the full set, Lips, Blush, Contour, Eyebrows, Eyelashes, Eyeliner, Eyeshadow, Eye Color using AirBrush Premium Apk.
  • Hairline: This feature requires uploading your photo to the cloud server to process the effect. Your information is encrypted and safe.
  • Glitter: Brush across desired areas to apply glitter effect. Tap on colors to change glitter color. Use the slider to adjust intensity.
  • Creative Colors: Choose a color, then tap on the bars to see the different effects. Move the slider to adjust the intensity of the color.
  • Foundation: Brush across an area or tap Auto to even out your skin tone and texture.
  • Firm: Apply to wrinkles to eliminate them and instantly look young again.
  • Details: Brush across the area to enhance details. Zoom in or adjust brush size for more precise control.
  • Highlighter: Brush across the skin area to apply the effect. Zoom in or adjust brush size for more precise control.
  • Matte: Brush across the skin area to apply the effect. Zoom in or adjust brush size for more precise control.
  • Align Teeth: Alight your teeth naturally.
  • All Presets (Natural, Bourgeois, Crisp) are now ready to use.
  • Pro image quality unlocked.
  • VIP icon unlocked.
  • No Ads.

Download AirBrush: Easy Photo Editor Pro Apk v4.20.2 Mod Gold Subscription Unlocked 2022

Mod Features:

  • Premium Membership Unlocked,
  • No Ads,
  • VIP Icon.